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Children admitted to hospitals

 Dulwich school’s ceiling collapses

 A ceiling fell in a primary school south-east London 11 children and two adults were admitted to hospital.

 After a caved-in second-floor ceiling within the classroom for Year 3, Rosemead Prep School was evacuated by students.

 Staff and children were evacuated  onslow bay boats tuffy boats chevy truck legends todds motorcycles prime motorcycles fire truck siren advanced auto orileys key covers elliott craigslist wilmington nc safely from the premises located on Thurlow Park Road. 16 patients were treated by London Ambulance Service.

 The chairman of the governors noted that 11 children and two adults also were taken to the hospital due to injuries.

 “There were no life-threatening or life-altering injuries. The majority of the patients have been released.”

 He added that the school was “working closely with the authorities and experts in order to discover the cause” of the collapse.

 Mr Crawford said: “This was a worrying moment for the children with their families, as well as the entire school.

 “We understand from initial examinations that there is no concern with regards to the rest of the building and we will work with the authorities in any investigations that are to be conducted.

 “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude  binghamton craigslist smokey nagata ancheer spin sick parts Transportation stroller mountain socks kanuga park ted’s used cars inland truck parts to staff and emergency services in addition to those who sent support messages from the general public.

 Met Police spokesperson said that officers also visited the school and said: “All children have been checked in and the school is in contact with parents.”

 LFB confirmed that a specialist USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), team and equipment were employed to ensure that the structure was not in danger of falling.

 Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, thanked emergency services for their prompt response to collapse.

 He added, “I am relieved to discover that every child is safe and well and I want everyone to have a quick recovery.”

 Rosemead Preparatory School and Nursery, which charges up to PS4,920 a term, teaches children aged between 2 and 11.

 David Hammons was an Otis student from 1968-1972.  ryder used truck sales ramp truck a&s motorcycles state 8 motorcycles watch for motorcycles pygmy boats reef runner boats sea ox boats wayman aviation sweet aviation He shared this information about his time in Charles White’s class: “I stayed there that class for a long, quite a long duration. It was more about being an expert, it was like being in a room with [Muhammad] Ali. Or James Baldwin. Simply being there with that level of trust and confidence, and also that level of honesty, that’s all that was going on. Drawings I made weren’t really that crucial. “The spirit, the enthusiasm, and the dignity were crucial.”

 In the year 2020, Ney announced a $1 million donation to help fund the establishment of an executive post dedicated to Otis College’s equity diversity, diversity and inclusion (DEI). Ney’s gifts together support the college’s dedication to DEI across multiple programs and also the College, faculty, students, as well as staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The donation of $10 million from Ney is the largest Otis College has ever received. In recognition of her generosity a building on the College’s Goldsmith campus in Westchester will be named after Ney.

 “It’s an honor to provide students who are underrepresented with access to an art and design education at Otis College, an institution  craigslist kansas city valley ford truck stroller bike uworld cars yellow cars transformers police car junk for cars french truck coffee tinker food truck truck camper warehouse that I love deeply. Charles White opened the door to a multitude of artists from diverse backgrounds thanks to his impressive teaching and work, and it’s wonderful to carry on his legacy with this new scholarship,” Mei-Lee Ney said.


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